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Version complète : Comment appliquer automatiquement un style ou un "developpement" sur chaque image
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(06-09-19, 07:25)nbremond a écrit : [ -> ]OK merci pour le conseil. Je vais voir du coté GitHub...
Si j'ai bien compris, il me faut ouvrir un sujet dans la section "Issues" de GitHub, ici :

Est-ce bien cela ?
Cdt, Bernard

Tout à fait. A rédiger en anglais.
Hello. I have posted the following in the gitlab issue section. I hope I'll get a positive feedback !

Citation :Hello, I'd like to propose 3 simple and very useful improvements to the capture tethering module:

**Use case:**
- In studio shooting session, with a defined lighting setup and camera settings, I take many pictures that will need (almost) the same post processing, at least for all the basics (exposure, color adjustment/BW conversion, ...). It would be wonderful if DT could theter (capture) the images from the camera in (almost) real time and automatically apply a defined post processing on each picture.

- In studio shooting, I also need to monitor in almost "real time" any clipped area in the capture's module window, in order to check the good exposure of the captured images.

- The second need is a folder monitoring and auto-download capability for the capture/tethering module: My camera (5D mark IV) is able to FTP every image to a server. I'd like DT's capture module to be able to monitor the folder of this FTP server, and automatically import any new image, and automatically apply the pre-defined processing as described above.

**Proposed solution:**
- Add an option to the capture module to automatically apply the processing (as describe in the xml sidecar file) of the previously captured image to any new captured image, and display the resulting, post-processed, image. This way we can very efficiently monitor the quality of the shoots, almost in real time, and show almost "final" pictures to the model, without going back and forth to the darkroom module.

- BTW, we also need an option to show the clipped areas of the image (burned-too bright or pitch black areas) as we have in the darkroom module. This is very useful to control that the captured image has a good exposure.

- Add an option to monitor the content of a defined folder, and automatically import any new image from this folder, the same way as if this image was tethered from the camera. This will be a great backup plan when we have issues with the tethering mode. In addition, using the FTP transfer mode of my camera keep storing the image in the compact flash of the camera, while in tethering mode the images are not stored locally in the camera, whit doesn't seem very safe...

Instead of applying the last captured image processing, we could think of applying a defined style (as defined in the main DT window), but I think this will be less ergonomic and less efficient because we would need to save a new style to take into account any changes in the post processing.

- Greatly increase the efficiency of the workflow in studio work,
- Getting closer to the very efficient workflow pro photographers like Peter Coulson uses in studio with the Phocus software (Hasselblade) :    or
- Be able to detect any clipping of the captured images in studio work
- Be able to show the model, images that are closed to the final, post processed, images, in black and white for example...

**Thanks a lot !!!**

And I want to thanks the whole team for this wonderful and very good Darktable software I use several times a week with a lot of pleasure and very good results. And I like very much the open source philosophy behind it.
Best regards,
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